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One night, Yeshua took me in the spirit to view the Record rooms in Heaven. There were thousands and thousands of files, scrolls, it was like a huge library with rows and rows of books.  Here He took me to a section and showed me my books or what we refer to as scrolls. He explained to me that it is all the records of my past, my failures, every word I have uttered, every good and every bad deed I have ever done, has been written down by angels. The bad deeds, sin I have done and bloodline curses that travel with me from birth, are called the broken scrolls and rotten scrolls.  These records are also available for satan to access. It is the legal contract to crate situations and re-occurrences to attacks children of God to block our blessings.  Yeshua showed me this room because of all the recurring attacks I was experiencing in my life. Yeshua also showed me my destiny scroll, with all the thoughts and blessings that God had intended for me to have from the beginning of the foundation of the earth, but my broken scroll was blocking this. Come and experience this new level of authority that your Heavenly Father is giving you to pray into your scrolls and change your broken destiny to a life of blessings and the life He has intended for you. Listen to many testimonies of breakthrough after they did this course on “Your scroll in the Record rooms of Heaven”


Topics of Discussion

  • What are the Record rooms in Heaven?
  • Biblical reference of the records and the Record rooms
  • What is a broken scroll, pillar scroll, foundation scroll and destiny scroll?
  • How to pray into your records and change your broken scroll to your destiny scroll and blessings
  • How to access the heavenly realms in the spirit
  • Secrets to see in the spirit

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