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Psalm 82 “God has taken up his place in the divine council. In the midst of the gods he holds judgment. In the council of the holy ones God is greatly feared.”

In the council of God, God meets with his divine council of 24 elders, and angels who act out assignments that were given to them. Here the plans for humanity were discussed and decided by God Almighty such as when God decided to help the Israelites to be freed from captivity, the decision of the flood to save the righteous family of Noah and to start a new bloodline for Christ’s coming, the Abrahamic covenant, The creation of the Torah, the virgin birth, the death of Christ and His victorious resurrection, the ascension of the Lamb of God and many more that is still to come until Christ returns.

God loves you very much, and what is going on in your life, or the adversaries and spiritual enemies you are facing, or requests you may have, is especially important to Him. As a child of God, your best means of success, is to seek God’s council and align with His plans for you so that He can open doors for you. In this teaching of The Council of God, you will have the opportunity to move in the spirit realm and engage with God, his angels and His 24 elders where He will hear your hearts cry or case.

It is all written on a scroll and handed to God the Father.

If your request aligns the will of God, He will answer you and send out His angels with assignments to accomplish what He has decided in your situation His angels will fight evil forces that are standing against you. This is a new realm that God has opened for His children because of His undying love for you. Do not miss out. Booking is essential.

Date: 25 September 2021
Cost: R450 per person/Couples R400 per person

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R450 per person, Couples R400 per person