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It is so easy to open the door for the occult – but very difficult to close that door again. By just engaging in an occult video game or watching an evil movie you can be tormented by evil forces who are summoned to you for the rest of your life. You could also be drawn by magical tricks, without knowing it’s a snare of satan to draw you into satanism. These open doors can lead to symptoms such as sleeplessness, suicide thoughts, severe anger and emotional outbursts and even physical attacks from demons. If you do not seek help from a professional, experienced pastor who can do proper deliverance on you, you could be facing a life of torment. Come and learn the characteristics of satan, how he operates and how to break free from these bondages. Presented by Pastor Gideon Niemandt (occult expert)

Topics of Discussion

  • What is an initiation process?
  • What is satanic ritual abuse?
  • Different enchantments
  •  Satanic rankings
  • Assignments and punishments
  • Satanic calendar
  • Breeding programme
  • Prepare for deliverance
  • Protection for deliverance team
  • Confessions and renunciations of legal spiritual contracts
  • Council of 13 and Illuminati

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03 December


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