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Love letters from ABBA Father

 Hear the words of your ABBA father over you today …

“My precious child, you may not have realized it yet or fully understood what’s been happening but the enemy has been releasing the weapon of depression against you. You may have noticed you don’t really enjoy anything anymore. You’re going through the motions, doing what has to be done day in, day out but with no life inside you. And sometimes, you can’t even find the energy to do what is of necessity. You just can’t.

It looked like neglect, messy life and laziness but there’s more to it than meets the eye. You have no joy and your zest for life is gone. Now you gaze for a moment at the ashes where your dreams once stood, and then proceed to watch life pass you by … longingly peering over to other’ seemingly perfect lives, wishing you could have what they have.

What looked like indecisiveness, procrastination, negative attitude towards people, ignoring calls and messages and avoiding people has actually been symptoms of a demonic attack against your mind. And recently, suicidal thoughts and death wishes have been projected to your mind and you’ve considered it.

My precious child, the reason why the enemy has been attacking your mind with depression is because you’re a majestic lion. You carry more power and potential than you’ve ever imagined!

He’s threatened and scared of the potential I have placed on the inside of you so he tries in this way, to keep you from stirring up the gift and dynamic potential within you. But ENOUGH!! By the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ I set you completely free from depression!! I bring you out of its prison cell!! I break its power NOW!! The yoke of the enemy is hereby broken!! You have a sound mind! You have power! Arise and go forth into all I created for you! No more will depression derail you for weeks on end! It stops NOW!! I have bought you at a price, you are MINE!


My Precious One, I am right inside this fierce battle of your life with you. I see all who have been involved in making your life what feels like a ‘living hell.’ I know how much pressure you’ve been under, and how intensely stressed you’ve been to the extent of feeling like you’re losing your mind. I identify with you, very well aware of how unfair their treatment towards you has been and how you have been pushed to the wall. I want you to know I am the One who vindicates you and fights for you. The One who speaks up for the defenseless and avenges on your behalf. Allow Me to hold you in My arms and comfort you as we go through this process. It will be a process. It will not happen overnight but you will be victorious in the end. In this very life I will avenge for you. I will speak up for you and vindicate you. Let go of this battle. Pour out every hurt and pain into My Heart. Let Me fight this battle on your behalf. I do not want you to fight for yourself My beloved. If you do, your pain will only intensify. Love your Daddy, who defends and fights for you.


My precious and beloved child, it has been a long night. I am not speaking about the 24 hour cycle. I am referring to the season in which you’ve been – like a long, dark, unending night. You’ve cried so much and the tears have seemed to be like a river. You wonder if you’re breaking down emotionally. Confusion, depression and wishes to die have tempted you greatly in the recent times. You have many deep, unhealed wounds within your heart that you try to protect by not allowing emotional closeness or opening up your heart to others because you’re afraid of being hurt, again. But you keep getting hurt. And now the pain has become so deep and the depth of your trials gone on for so long that because you feel no one really understands you, you’ve began to shut down. Your heart has become walled up against people.

Challenge is in the process, you’ve also become spiritually frozen or numb and I feel so far away from you. You don’t feel My Presence. You don’t feel My love for you. You know you need to pray, spend time in My Word and serve Me but your hands are weary and your knees are weak. Scriptures, prophecies and words of encouragement don’t seem to be having any effect in you. And not being able to approach, relate with and respond to Me hurts and frustrates you even more because it almost feels like you don’t have the access you used to have to Me. You are so tired. Tired of everyone. Tired of life itself. You’re not sure there’s even anyone out there who cares for you. You’re not sure of yourself, your dreams and hopes anymore. Your self-esteem and confidence have become so dented that you don’t know whether anyone has any honor or respect left for you – or even whether people really see you and value you as a person.

My Child, My precious child, I see you wonder whether the God you worship is the same God of the Bible because they don’t seem to be one and the same person in your experience. Today, I release the power of My Healing and restoring spirit into the depths of your whole being. You will not die. I open up every part of you that had become numb, frozen and dead because of pain and incessant wounding. I heal you on the inside. I revive your hope. I revive you. I bring you back to life on the inside. You live! You shall not die! Keep this promise as a treasure in your heart My precious child. Tears may flow throughout the night, but no night lasts forever – morning ALWAYS comes. Your situation and the situation of your family is NOT permanent. Listen, not only am I turning your situation around, healing you, healing your home and lifting you up, but I am also sending you to comfort, strengthen and give hope to many who are going through what you’ve been through in life.

I am sending you as life as I am Life – as hope even as I your Daddy am Hope. I will use you greatly in this generation and you will be a testimony even long after you shall have come home to Me. Love your Daddy, God.


My Precious Child, I am prolonging your life. Where you would have been cut down, where the enemy plotted to cut short your life, where there were plots to kill you, I aborted every such scheme. I give you My Life. I extend your life. I fill your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed as that of an eagle. I release My Word into your spirit. I breathe afresh into the depths of your being. Live! Do not die! Fulfill My purposes in your generation!

Now, remember that the power of life and death lies in your tongue. So it is expedient for you to agree with Me on this. Speak only life over yourself. Negative energy released through negative thoughts and words against yourself attract death. Agree with Me and with My Word concerning you. Think only as I do concerning you – thoughts of good and not evil. Thoughts of prosperity and not disaster. Activate My Life over yourself daily in this way. I want you to LIVE! Love your Daddy, God.”

We trust in God that as you prayerfully feast on these words, the mystery of the spirit of life in Yeshua (Christ Jesus) will be revealed to you and manifested in you. May the God who is the source of life meet now and destroy every work of the enemy in your life and family. May you have a fresh revelation of His life and keep your eyes LOCKED on Him. Let Him cover and protect you now. May you walk in the abundance of Life in Yeshua (Christ Jesus). Amen.

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