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Kingdom Life Skill

Have you been experiencing a blockage in your life or has there been a repeat of certain unfortunate events? Are you calling out, just like Gideon in the Bible as in Judges 6:13 when he spoke to the Angel of the Lord:

“But sir, if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us? Where is all His wonders that our fathers told us about when they said, “Did not the Lord bring us out of Egypt? But not the Lord has abandoned us and put us in the hands of the Midians.”

We must understand that satan uses strongholds in our lives, to prevent God’s blessings from coming through. Perhaps it is time to break those strongholds in your life through Christ, just like Gideon had to do when he destroyed and broke the Altar of Baal that was honoured by his fathers. These strongholds can be bloodline curses, sins from previous generations, trauma, timelines, re-occurrences of unfortunate events and many more. Whatever you are facing, God loves you and He wants you to overcome it through Christ and get healed.

Prior to the lock down we travelled to various regions to present teachings and to minister to people on a one on one basis, however, with the restrictions and the changes that have been brought about by the government, we have changed our one on one sessions to Zoom consultations in the comfort of your own home. In extreme cases an exception can be made for a personal session – for this we would need to arrange the required permits.

Contact the office to book your personal appointment with Pastor Gideon Niemandt or Pastor Gwen van Staden – please remember the Breaking the Chains course is compulsory for your first appointment.

The pricing for these sessions are as follows :

  • Initial course, Breaking the Chains before ministry is R950
  • Follow up session R600

Contact our office today at 074 684 6472 to secure your booking.

  • Zoom appointment – R750
  • Personal face to face appointment – R950 (this appointment will be made on the Pastor’s recommendation only)

Contact our office today at 074 684 6472 to secure your booking.

Prayer Requests

Do you require prayer for yourself or a situation?

If you would like the Soldiers4Christ team to pray for you during their prayer sessions then please forward your request to . Please note you will not be contacted for prayer.

– the team will include your request in their prayer list only.

Self Test


1. Have you experienced a re-occurrence of financial loss or job loss?
2. Is there a re-occurrence of early deaths or illnesses in your family?
3. Is there a re-occurrence of miscarriages or still births in your family?
4. Have you ever experienced trauma such as emotional, physical or verbal abuse?
5. Have you ever experienced sexual abuse such as molestation or rape?
6. Have you suffered from satanic ritual abuse?
7. Have you experienced attacks from spirits, are you hearing voices or are you having suicidal thoughts or attempts?
8. Have you played occult games, occult online games or called up spirits?
9. Do you struggle to pray, read the Bible and listen to worship music?
10. Did you suffer from severe rejection or divorce?
11. Do you feel trapped in fear and have overwhelming nightmares?
12. Do you harm yourself by cutting your body or do you have anorexia, bulimia, insomnia?
13. Do you suffer from any personality disorder, MPD, OCD, BPD, ADD or schizophrenia, ADHD?
14. Have you engaged in various sexual relations in or out of marriage?
15. Do you seem to have no breakthrough no matter how hard you pray?
16. Have you been addicted to drugs or alcohol or have an addiction for gambling?
17. Do you hear voices that tell you to do illegal acts, blaspheme or do immoral acts?
18. Have your ancestors been involved in free masonry?
19. Do you suffer from sever uncontrollable outbursts of anger or violence?
20. Do you suffer from spiritual sexual dreams or is there a hinderance of a normal intimacy in your marriage?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions we recommend that contact our office to book a Spiritual Life Skills/Deliverance session.