The bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 3:2 and Hebrews 5:13 that we should not remain babies in the spirit, but that we should eat solid spiritual food to grow spiritually. The bible also tells us in 2 Corinthians 2:11 that we should not be ignorant for the enemy’s devices, so that he cannot get and advantage over us. We therefore offer a variety of courses to enhance your spiritual knowledge, don’t miss out on a life of victory!

Breaking the chains

COST: R950 (Lunch included)

DATES for 2020: 11 Jan, 8 Feb, 7 March, 4 April, 2 May, 13 June, 11 July, 8 Aug, 5 Sept, 3 Oct, 4 Nov

Have you received prayers for the same issues in your life with no result? If there is a flood of illnesses, financial problems, relationship problems etc. Then there is a root that needs to be removed or a curse that needs to be broken. This seminar includes a personal pastoral care session where you will receive prayer and experience the breaking of Bondages such as Bloodline curses, Vows and iniquities that is a stumbling block in your life. You will also be equipped with the understanding and spiritual tools which are necessary to stand in victory in Christ Jesus. Many people have experienced physical and emotional healing after attending this seminar by applying these biblical principles and after their personal pastoral care session.

Healing and deliverance school

Our Restoration and Deliverance training school consists of 10 modules that is presented over a 6 day period. These schools are presented 4 times during 2020 and booking is essential. In every module, we seek to remain faithful to the original vision of the ministry based on Luke 9:11. Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hammasiach) welcomed everyone and taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need.

The course aims to give you an understanding of the enemy’s strategy to mislead the….. body of Christ as well as an understanding about the beautiful Kingdom of God and the healing and restoration and salvation God offers to His children. Some of our modules include an opportunity to receive personal prayer in response to the teaching. These teachings are suitable for those who are seeking their own deliverance and well as those individuals who want to be equipped to minister to others.             

AIM AND PURPOSE: We suggest that you attend Level 1 as well as level 2 which will equip you with a better understanding of the Spiritual Realm. It will also give you the authority to stand in victory over all power of the enemy. In the past we have experienced when individuals only attend 1 or 2 courses, that they keep on coming back for prayer, deliverance because they did not attend and receive all the information to equip them for the road forward. 



PAY OFF AGREEMENT: An arrangement can be made for paying off the Inner Healing, Restoration and Deliverance School. Contact the office for details.

Healing and deliverance

Sanctify your dwelling place

There are consequences when you allow items in your home that are cursed or against the Word of God according to Deuteronomy 23:14

Come learn more about items that are spiritually dangerous and how it gives the enemy legal right to attack you. Many people have experienced breakthrough over illness, financial problems, anger problems, after applying these principals.

It includes a Spiritual House cleaning prayer…… to break bondage of the enemy over a home.

The record rooms in heaven

One night, Yeshua took me in the spirit to view the Record rooms in Heaven. There were thousands and thousands of files, scrolls, it was like a huge library with rows and rows of books. Here, He took me to a section and showed me my books or what we refer to as scrolls. He explained to me that it is all the records of my past, my failures, every word I have uttered, every good and every bad deed I have ever done, has been written down by angels. The bad deeds, sin I have done and bloodline curses that travel with me from birth, are called the Broken scrolls and rotten scrolls. These records are also available got satan to view. The enemy can access these records to re-create situations and re-occurrences to attacks children of God. He uses timelines, time periods in our lives that can be blocking our blessings. Yeshua showed me this room because of all the recurring attacks I was experiencing in my life.

Yeshua also showed me my destiny scroll, it was a very thick file, these are the thoughts and blessings that God had intended for me to have from the beginning of the foundation of the earth. He also showed me how to pray to change my broken scroll and bad re-occurrences in the destiny scrolls that God intended for me.

In this teaching, we will teach you that it is possible to see in the spirit, it is possible to change your broken scroll of your past hurts and failures to the new destiny scroll that Father God has intended for you so that the blessings of God can be poured out to you as stipulated in Isiah 29:11

“I know the plans I have for you, noting to harm you but a hope and a future”

Spiritual warfare

Do you find yourself up against a brick wall? Are you facing stubborn challenges that will not yield? Maybe it is time for spiritual warfare. It is possible to combat the forces of darkness through prayer. We need spiritual tools and techniques and insight to wage war in the spiritual realms and to break through to different dimensions. The Lord has provided all the tools we need. It remains our responsibility to use these weapons for victory in Christ. Come and join us for this extraordinary module and see how mountains can be moved through spiritual warfare. Includes a spiritual warfare prayer.

Date: 17 October 2020
Time: 9:00
Cost: R700

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