Pieter Fourie (2019)

It has been interesting, just being here these last few Tuesdays, I have this longing…and the presence here has just carried over into another time with Him. I haven’t experienced the tenderness of the Father in such a deep way in a long time. Just this Saturday, I had a long time with Him, and this has taken me into a new depth into my whole walk. I find this ministry, a ministry of integrity, wisdom & balance.

Lelia van Niekerk (2019)

Honestly, upon starting this course, I’ve often had sleepless nights, and the reason is that I have been SO excited. I have received revelation here like never before, and I am left in awesome wonder of our glorious King and His Kingdom. It is truly sad that we as ‘Christians ‘ have really only scraped the surface when there is so much more of what He has in store for us who love Him. It is time for us to become sons! What a privilege and honour to be surrounded by ‘sons’ as spiritually hungry as I am, who are such great teachers because they ‘live’ it every single day and whom I truly admire and respect so much. I am so grateful that my Abba has strategically led me here. It has just been nothing but incredible so far and these teaching nights have become the highlight of my week. Thank you so much!

Katie Assad (2019)

What I absolutely loved, is that this course brought Heaven into reality for me and all the God-given tools were brought to our attention. We were made aware of them in terms of how to enter the Heavenly realms and how to bring back all the blessing that are promised to us in Heaven, back down here on earth where we are able to live out God’s perfect plan and purpose for our lives. By entering into the Heavenly realms and bringing back under God’s instruction angels and the seven spirits of God to help us achieve his perfect plan and purpose. It became so clear that nothing is by chance, God just thought everything out and it is just amazing to me that every little thing was thought out in order for us to succeed here on earth, but not only that, in order for us to succeed and live an abundant life, according to His plan in every single area. He has given us ALL the tools, tools that we knew we had but also so much more. I feel so much more equipped, and blessed to be a part of such a perfect and greater plan. Also blessed to be able to have learnt all these incredible life-changing tools that are our right of being children of God and how much authority we carry using these tools i.e. taking Holy Communion, or engaging under Gods’ command calling on the different angels to assist us in healing or deliverance, or the seven spirits for counsel, etc. We are fully equipped and have the authority to stand on our own and to not only win the battle but to know what He planned in our scroll and living out God’s purpose for us which he has equipped us fully and given us authority to do so.

Anonymous (2019)

Wow, I am truly grateful! In the past, where I come from I’ve been involved in Wicca, paganism and the supernatural and when I walked away from that I thought ok, that must be the end of that and anything related to that was of no good, so being exposed to Heavenly Realms and learning how much more there is to our existence, that it is not just the reality that we’ve been taught, the reality that we live every day but that there is a heavenly father who wants us to be part of His reality, and for THAT I am truly, truly grateful – to be free of the bondage of satan’s system and world. To be free of the closed mind-set of limitations that has been placed on us that is NOT from Father. And for that, there is no money in the world that can buy that, so thank you for everyone involved, thank you to Claudia and Gideon who have been obedient to Father in serving HIS message to us. Thank you very much!

Victoire (2019)

Healed from backache:

I have an awesome testimony! I went to the physio therapist yesterday…she checked my hips and was completely surprised that they were in perfect alignment…of course I am not surprised. Pastor Gideon prayed for my legs and hips! I no longer experience lower back pain too. Thank you Yeshua and thank you Gideon for your faithfulness!


Healed from back pain:

My daughter Tonja also have an awesome testimony where Yeshua healed her hips and her legs after Pastor Gideon prayed for her. She experiences no more pain or symptoms when she exercises, whereas in the past she always suffered from pain. Thank you Yeshua Hammasiach!

Claudia (2018)

I was referred to Pastor Gideon at Soldiers for Christ by a trusted friend who ministers in trauma. I come from a long generational line of satanism. My entire family, every family member is involved, though some have died. I was set on serving Yeshua and refused to wilfully bow to satan since a child. Having had multiple DID fractures that were cult active, I struggled to survive and live a normal life, especially as a Christian and suffered severe punishment and persecution for many years.

When I arrived at S4C halfway through 2018, I felt ‘half- dead’, being constantly followed, watched and attacked. Pastor Gideon was most compassionate, having experienced similar persecution and trauma on route ‘out’. That is not something I’ve never experienced from any other deliverance ministry. So many are victims of previous generational dedications and offerings, and it seems to be wrongfully interpreted as a deliberate choice to have landed up with such a spiritual inheritance. I had experienced tremendous judgment and condemnation for my condition in previous encounters, but certainly this was not the case at S4C.

What struck me about S4C is the intensity of Yeshua. I experienced real power and breakthrough for the first time in 37 years. What was supposed to take 4-5 years going through an alternative ministry, landed up taking less than 6 months. I’m so grateful to Yeshua for the knowledge and skill appropriated by the team, especially concerning root issues and DID (Fractures/Alters) related complications. While the intensity of the journey was extreme, the freedom and healing that followed is incomparable to the fight. I was never left alone to fight on my own, which is absolutely the Nature of Elohim and those who follow Him – loving commitment.

I learned to put my life in Yeshua’s Hands because HE Alone really has all Power, Dominion and Authority and I experienced that reality at S4C. Though the righteous are afflicted, Elohim delivers them out of every one. Psalm 34:19. My life has been saved because of this ministry. Not only have I survived but I thrive in Yeshua and His undefeated Power! For this freedom and the ministry of Soldiers 4 Christ, I give God – Elohim all the Glory, Honour, Power and Praise.

Mariska (2018)

Free from bondage:

My journey started in 2018 when I came across Soldiers 4 Christ Ministry for prayer and teachings. I am a divorced mother and struggled to get breakthrough in my life. I also noticed that I dissociate sometimes which is an indication of an Alter/fracture (another personality) that come forward to take control. This can lead to bad relationships and the origin is trauma that happened in my childhood. After I came for ministry and prayer with Pastor Gideon and Gwen, I am completely healed of back pain, I saw my leg grow and I felt it. It was overwhelming that God can heal me. I was healed from thrombosis, I was released from ungodly soul ties that was binding me. And I was baptized again. I also attended their 12 module courses which was such an eye opener of what is really going on in the spiritual real. I learned about spiritual warfare, how to identify the enemy and what to expect in the last days. I will strongly recommend these courses. I just want to say thank you to Father God for setting me free. I feel like a new person.

Janneke (2018)

Free from arthritis:

How wonderful I had to stumble on this ministry, God delivered me and healed me from my arthritis He set me free from the chains of physical bondage. I have been spiritually closer to my Lord in the past two months more than ever in my life before. My sister was also delivered and healed from the bondage of depression after 24 years of struggle. I have learnt how to do spiritual warfare, how to pray to get breakthrough. Soldiers 4 Christ ministry are Gods instruments, honest people that lets God use them for His divine grace and mercy. I have learned to keep my house clean from items that steals my blessings so that God’s presence can fill it, no idols and earthly things. I am not interested in another Ministry. At Soldiers 4 Christ we pray, we warfare, we praise and worship our King and according to the word of God simple and effective. I am in awe.!!!!

Louise (2018)

Free from satanic bloodline:

I went through a dark few years of my life. It felt like my life was controlled by someone or something I could not explain. Demon attacks, witchcraft, satanic attacks were part of my life and the biggest problem was I did not have any knowledge to identify these attacks and how to get victory over them. I had near death experiences and died with my daughter’s birth, but Yeshua spared my life. I have prayed for years to God to help me and I was at the end of giving up hope. I then met Pastor Gideon and the Soldiers 4 Christ Ministry team. What a spirit filled experience I had with Soldiers.

I attended the Breaking the Chains seminar Introduction course and what an eye opener I had. I could see all my puzzles shifting into place as Pastor Gideon’s was giving his testimony of what he had gone through. I could relate to all of that. After the course I was prayed for and a lot of bondages were released off me. The change in my life was phenomenal. No more demon attacks, no more outer body experiences. All which craft left my body and my life and all bloodline curses were broken as I had a satanic bloodline. I am so thankful to God for sending Pastor Gideon and the Soldiers 4 Christ team on my way. The healing and teachings that I received is amazing. God is using them to heal broken lives like mine to be healed completely. All glory to God Yeshua Hammasiach.

AG Meyer (2018)

Free from trauma:

Soldiers 4 Christ Ministry has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Pastor Gideon and the staff/ministry team of Soldiers 4 Christ are exceptional in their hospitality, compassion and concern for people, consistently sacrificing for the sake of others and sincerely devoted and committed to assisting individuals, like myself, to gain freedom from personal and emotional challenges. Having been previously unfamiliar with deliverance ministry, I was astounded at the accuracy and effectiveness of Pastor Gideon’s prayer and council under the leadership of Holy Spirit. He was able to accurately identify and address root issues which had caused years and decades of physical pain and emotional challenges in my life.

Since attending my first conference and received prayer by Pastor Gideon, I have experienced immediate healing and freedom from severe and chronic back pain, which I had suffered from for over 15 years. In addition to receiving physical healing, the ministry and prayer I received addressed emotional trauma from childhood, and since attending the weekly meetings and services, I have experienced significant change and healing in my own life, and notable improvement in marriage and family relations.

I have also observed my husband as well as numerous other friends testify to the accuracy and effectiveness of Soldiers 4 Christ ministry in their own lives, and the benefit they have received as well. I am extremely thankful for Soldiers 4 Christ ministry and will continue to highly recommend Pastor Gideon and the ministry team to those who want to receive healing and freedom, as I have.

Pastoor Marthinus Maritz (2017)

Waarlik vry:

Die Here Almagtige het ons hele gemeente lede verander nadat Soldiers 4 Christ ‘n seminar aangebied het, die wat gebonde was is vry, die wat verlore was het by Jesus Christus uitgekom. Die siekes is genees. Die wat gevange is van Satan is bevry en ek is so dankbaar dat hulle Jesus Christus ontmoet het. Ek myself het ‘n reuse verandering ondergaan in my Geestes lewe. Amen Soldiers 4 Christ is ‘n moet in die verloorgaande wereld. Pastoor Gideon hou so aan die Here seen.

Anna (2017)

My lewe het baie verander nadat ek by Soldiers 4 Christ ingeskakel het. Ek het ook hulle kursusse bygewoon en is nogsteeds by hulle. Hierdie hele Soldiers 4 Christ span, Gideon, Era, Gwen, en nog baie meer, glo ek dat hulle met opregtheid, oopenlikheid en waarheid my gehelp om ‘n beter pad met God te kan stap. Alle Eer aan God die Vader.

Anna (2016)

Vry van rugbesering:

Ek het rugbeserings op gedoen in Januarie 2014 op Witrivier, so erg dat ek met kruke en ‘n stut moes loop en dit was baie pynlik. Ek het behandeling gekry waarvan morfien een was. My seun het my in Februarie 2014 na Pretoria toe gebring sodat ek verder behandeling kon kry. My oudste dogter het my toe vertel en verwys na Pastoor Gideon, ‘n man wat wonder werke doen deur God se Hande Ek het ingestem omdat die pyn te veel was, sy het dadelik geskakel en het my onmiddelik gehelp. Hulle het vir my gebid en bevryding op my gedoen en ek was onmiddelik genees deur God. My genesing was van so ‘n aard dat ek nie eers meer nodig gehad het om verdere medikasie te gebruik nie. Ek was op hart-, bloeddruk -, cholesterol- en die morfien medikasie. Alle Eer aan God die Vader.

Jolandie (2016)

Vry van epilepsy:

In 2006 was ek gediagnoseer met epilepsie. Brein Scans en Lig toetse het gewys dat daar geen beskadiging op my brein was nie. Dokters het vir my medikasie voorgeskryf. Ek kon weke nie werk nie a.g.v medikasie wat my dronk gemaak het. 2015 het ‘n vrou vir my pa ‘n boek van Dr. Henry Wright (How to live in health) gegee sodat my pa kan die wortel kry van sy pyn wat hy ervaar het. My pa het die boek met ons almal gedeel. So het ek tot die besef gekom wat die werklikheid is Matt 17:14-18 en Mark 9:17-27. Ek het besef dat bose geeste moontlik beheer het oor my lewe en hoe gaan ek nou tot werking om die bose gees van my liggaam af te kry?

Augustus 2015 het ons van ‘n wonderlike getuienis gehoor van ‘n vriendin eat my verwys het na Soldiers 4 Christ Ministry. In November 2015 het ons kontak gemaak met hulle en so is deur gebed, bose gees uit my uitgedryf. Dis nou 2016 en is vry van enige epilepsie. Op ‘n stadium het ek tot 2 aanvalle ‘n week gekry en kon ook glad geen sitrus vrugte eet nie dan sou ek ‘n aanval gekry het. Dankie Abba dat U my genees het van die “ongeneeslike epilepsie” waarmee ek gediagnoseer was. Nadat ek by Soldiers 4 Christ was is daar weer brein scans gedoen en al die ligte toetse en daar was geen beskadiging meer op my brein nie. Min het ek geweet dat epilepsie eintlik ‘n binding op mens se liggaam is. Bybelse verse verwysings Matt 17:14-18, Mark 9:17-27. Met Soldiers 4 Christ se hulp is ek verlos en vry van hierdie bose magte. Prys onse Hemelse Vader dat Hy ons lei tot genesing van Sy hande en kennis van die word. Amen

Tracey (2016)

Free at last:

After my daughter was born my husband whom I was married to at the time, started disappearing over week ends and was aggressive towards my daughter. She and I were in extreme abusive situations and things such as rejection, witchcraft and bitterness set in. I started getting afraid, and with the insistence of my mother I divorced my ex as I did not know what he would do to my daughter. During the divorce my health deteriorated, and I had all signs of being under witch craft. I was constantly having the flu, disorientated; I had wild thoughts and couldn’t make decisions as I always hesitated on things. A friend of my father’s then spoke with him as she noticed in my behaviour that something wasn’t right with me. She said she knew of someone who would be able to help. My dad spoke with me one night and I agreed to see Pastor Gideon. What he also did not know was that two black staff approached me at my work and told me they can help me with my work situation regarding my ex. They said if I could come with them to the witch doctor, he will give me something to make my ex go away. After visiting the witch doctor, I was told to burn red powder over the stove over 3days and tell my ex to leave me alone and never to contact me again. Strange things started to happen to me I asked the black ladies what is going on. They said if I come back to school, they going to burn me and my daughter. I tried to explain this to my boss, but she couldn’t understand and said when I’m feeling better to return to work. During the week I met with Pastor Gideon who was able to see me. I was not conscious of what was happening. Seven demons manifested, I also had a tracer implanted in my back-left shoulder. For three days my stomach was sore from where the demons stayed. I have been completely healed from mental illness. I no longer take medication and don’t have or hear strange thoughts.

My mom’s faith has completely increased, and our relationship has been restored. My daughter and I can bond which was never possible before. I have been blessed with a new job with a salary that is much better than my previous one. The hours are also shorter. The night of my deliverance once I was freed from my demons, both my ex and his mother called wanting to know if my daughter and I are ok. Pastor Gideon explained that they had been able to see my daughter and I because of the rituals performed. Now that we are delivered, they cannot see us anymore. After the deliverance my daughter and I had to go stay at a place of safety as my ex and his mom had put us up for sacrifice. It was called the ring of fire sacrifice. During the time I was at the place of safety my ex and his mom tried to make contact. One night my ex was at my mom’s place and did markings on the house walls, which we found out he placed a watchman to notify him when my daughter and I return to my mom’s house. Our house was cleansed and all spirits that were placed outside the house were cancelled. From the day of my deliverance to this very day I cannot explain the amount of joy, peace, love and contentment I have in my heart. I have my days where things get difficult, but Jesus always is there. I just have to be obedient and soon after the blessings always follow. Thank you, Pastor Gideon and Era, for being obedient to the Lords work. Without you guys I would have never had a second chance in life. Love you guys XX In Jerm 40:4 The Lord says that he will free you from your chains that is what Pastor Deon helped with. 2Cor 5: 17 The Lord will make you a new creation, I am definitely a new person and will never be the same again. Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my Rock. After my long journey in the world I have found my Rock…. YESHUA!!

Ruan (2016)

Vry van demoniese aanvalle:

My Naam is Ruan, my oupa was hoog op in vrymesselaary. (32 graad.) en so het daar ‘n vloek gekom op my bloedlyn, ek het vir jare ge-fight met, Drugs, Drank, Homosexualiteid, en vele meer vloeke wat saam met dit gaan. Ek kon Demone sien, of hulle teenwoordigheid aanvloel, ek het met hulle gekomunikeer op ‘n daaglikse basis, en die Lewe was Baie erg. Ek het al Teologie geswat voordat ek by Pastoor Gideon was, en was al by baie ander mense wat die “die vloek gebreek het.” maar dit was nie regtig gebreek nie. Ek was in Pastoor Gideon se kantoor, en hy het vir 2 en ‘n half ure met my gewerk, waar ander mense hulle hand op my kop gesit het vir 2 minute en gese het, ek breek die vloek in jesus se naam, ek praat hulle nie sleg nie, ek se net dat hulle onkundig is, gedurende die 2 ure het die demone geskree, en pastoor se tafel amper om ge gooi, probeer weghardloop, gese dat “Oupa geteken het, en dat hulle in my mag wees.”, Pastoor het vir my gese dat ek nou ‘n nuwe kontrak moet teken met Y’shua Messiah, en ek het, na dit het een van hulle uiteindelik my liggaam verlaat, en na dit nog ‘n hele paar. Na dit het die aanvalle op my lewe vir nog so week baie erg ge raak, hulle was orals waar ek kyk, Pastoor en Era, het gese dit is Grondgebied wat hulle by my huis het, en dat hulle eendag die huis sal kom skoon maak. Hulle het toe gekom so gou as wat hulle kon. Terwyl ek en pastoor in my kamer is, my pa en vriendin en Era kort agter, word een van die Demone in my huis so kwaad vir pastoor, dat hy my wekker optel en ‘n gat in my ceiling gooi, ek het eers later uitgevind, wat Pastoor ook vroer gese het, dat dit ‘n gewone ceiling is, maar met cement ge plyster was, die gat sit nog in my dak, en daar is ook ‘n chip in my muur. My pa het so geskrik, hy is nou so grood christen, lol. In elk geval verder loop pastoor in ons tuin, en agter in die tuin is daar ‘n pomp vir die visdam, daar was al meer as een ander pastoor of dominee by ons huis wat gese het daar is iets nie lekker in daai hoek nie, maar nie een van hulle kon dit verwyder nie, inelkgeval pastoor Gideon se toe daar is Water Spirits of so iets, en hy loop toe in daai rigtine, ek my pa en vriendin kort agter hom, Era was in die huis besig, ons almal staan en kyk hoe stamp of ruk die demoon vir pastoor seker 3 meter tot hy op sy bas val in ons tuin, haha, want hulle was kwaad, hy het merke gehad na die tyd op sy regter arm.

Na hulle hier weg is het ons 2 bakkies vol goed gaan brand, en die aanvalle het heelwat minder geraak. Van toe af het ek opgehou drink, opgehou rook, opgehou drugs gebruik, pastoor het vir my gese my gawe is om ‘n Pastoor te word, ek is huideglik besig om verder Teologie te studeer by die colledge wat pastoor voorgestel het, hy het vir my sussie gebid wat al 3 jaar sam met haar meisie bly, sy was ook homosexueel, sy het na ‘n week haar meise ge los, en volg nou die Here, Prys die Here. Hy het vir ons bediende gebid, terwyl ons kyk, haar bene was heeltemal krom, ons sien hoe buig haar bene reg, en hoe groei die een been tot hulle ewe lank is. Hy het oor my pa ge profeteer dat sy besigheid gaan goed doen, en gese sy gawe is om geld te maak vir die Here, en Pastoor vra toe my pa of hy hom glo dat sy besignheid nou gaan goed doen? julle sal nie Glo hoe goed doen my pa se besigheid na net ‘n paar weke wat die bande gebreek is nie, hy het van ‘n paar duisend rand se projekte oorgegaan na projekte wat in die miljoene is, waarmee hy tans begin het, en Glo dit of nie maar die vrou wat my pa genader het oor die Grood Kontrak is ‘n GROOD vrou van God, sy kom nou ook elke vrydag na ons en dan doen ons bybelstudie vir ‘n paar ure voor hulle besigheid praat. Ek het ‘n Selgroep ge stig, ons is al oor die 10 mense en word elke dag meer, Prys die Here.

Ek is genader deur ander mense wat pastoor ook gehelp het om ‘n tienersel te lei, vir nuwe christine wat die mense wat by pastoor was dan ook vertel het van die Here, en so groei die werk wat Pastoor en Era doen. Kom ek vertel vinnig, ons het 2 meisies na pastoor toe gevat, hulle al 2 een vir een styg in die lig op, en hang in die lig toe pastoor die demone uitjaag, hulle was al2 bietjie betrokke by satanisme, hulle het al2 bekeer, en hulle lei nou mense na die Here toe, en het my gevra om hulle segroepie vir hulle te lei. Almal wat ek ken, en almal wat hulle ken was nou al ook by pastoor, of gaan na hom toe, omdat die Here deur hulle so grood verskil in mense se lewens maak. As jy dit oorweeg om na hulle toe te gaan, DOEN DIT, jy sal in der ewigheid nooit spyd wees nie. Ek wil sommer hier voor ‘n klomp getuies net weer Dankie se vir Pastoor Gideon, en vir Era, en die span en vir Die Here, AMEN! SHALOM – SHALOM

Esther (2015)

Vry van vloek:

Ek het vir Pastoor Gideon ontmoet in Februarie 2014 nadat ek ‘n baie moelike tyd deur gegaan het. Ek het twee babatjies aan die dood afgestaan en ek het geestelike hulp en gebed gesoek. Die kerk waar ek was het geen kennis van die geestelike realm en aanvalle op kinders van God gehad nie. Pastoor Gideon het my bedien en met sy kennis wat hy gehad het en vir my uitgewys waste vloeke oor my lewe was, wat my babatjies se dood veroorsaak het. Daar was ook ‘n poltergeist gees in my huis wat goed gebreek en rond geskuif het en hy het my gehelp om die huis skoon te maak deur die bloed van die lam. Ek wil net alle eer gee aan Vader vir hierdie deurbraak in my lewe en dat hy iemand kan gebruik om die waarheid vir mens te verkondig. In my verhouding met my Hemelse Vader was ek nog nooit so naby aan Hom soos nou nie. Baie dankie Yeshua.

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