School of Heavenly Realms

“It has been interesting, just being here these last few Tuesdays, I have this longing…and the Presence here has just carried over into my other time with Him. I haven’t experienced the tenderness of the Father in such a deep way in a long time. Just this Saturday, I had a long time with Him, and this has taken me into a new depth into my whole walk. I find this ministry, a ministry of integrity, wisdom & balance.”

Pieter Fourie (2019)

“Honestly, upon starting this course, I’ve often had sleepless nights, and the reason is that I have been SO excited. I have received revelation here like never before, and I am left in awesome wonder of our glorious King and His Kingdom. It is truly sad that we as ‘Christians ‘ have really only scraped the surface when there is so much more of He has in store for us who loves Him. It is time for us to become sons!  What a privilege and honor to be surrounded by ‘sons’ as spiritually hungry as I am, who are such great teachers because they ‘live’ it every single day and whom I truly admire and respect so much. I am so gratefully that my Abba has strategically led me here. It has just nothing but incredible so far and these teaching nights have become the highlight of my week. Thank you so much!”

Lelia van Niekerk (2019)

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