School of Heavenly Realms

“It has been interesting, just being here these last few Tuesdays, I have this longing…and the Presence here has just carried over into my other time with Him. I haven’t experienced the tenderness of the Father in such a deep way in a long time. Just this Saturday, I had a long time with Him, and this has taken me into a new depth into my whole walk. I find this ministry, a ministry of integrity, wisdom & balance.”

Pieter Fourie (2019)

“Honestly, upon starting this course, I’ve often had sleepless nights, and the reason is that I have been SO excited. I have received revelation here like never before, and I am left in awesome wonder of our glorious King and His Kingdom. It is truly sad that we as ‘Christians ‘ have really only scraped the surface when there is so much more of He has in store for us who loves Him. It is time for us to become sons!  What a privilege and honor to be surrounded by ‘sons’ as spiritually hungry as I am, who are such great teachers because they ‘live’ it every single day and whom I truly admire and respect so much. I am so gratefully that my Abba has strategically led me here. It has just nothing but incredible so far and these teaching nights have become the highlight of my week. Thank you so much!”

Lelia van Niekerk (2019)

What I absolutely loved, is that this course brought Heaven into reality for me and all the God-given tools were brought to our attention and we were made aware of them in terms of how to enter the Heavenly realms and how to bring back all the blessing that are promised to us in Heaven back down here on earth where we are able to live out God’s perfect plan and purpose for our lives by entering into the Heavenly realms and bringing back under God’s instruction angels and the seven spirits of God to help us achieve his perfect plan and purpose. It became so clear that nothing is by chance, God just thought everything out and it is just amazing to me that every little thing was thought out in order for us to succeed here on earth, but not only that, in order for us to succeed and live an abundant life, according to His plan in every single area. He has given us ALL the tools, tools that we knew we had but also so much more. I feel so much more equipped, and blessed to be a part of such a perfect and greater plan. Also blessed to be able to have learnt all these incredible life-changing tools that are our right being children of God and how much authority we carry using these tools i.e. taking Holy Communion, or engaging under Gods’ command calling on the different angels to assist us in healing or deliverance, or the seven spirits for counsel, etc. We are fully equipped and have the authority to stand on our own and to not only win the battle but to know what He planned in our  scroll and living out God’s purpose for us which he has equipped us fully and  given us authority to do so

Katie Assad (2019)

Wow, I am truly grateful! In the past, where I come from I’ve been involved in Wicca, paganism and the supernatural and when I walked away from that I thought ok, that must be the end of that and anything related to that was of no good, so being exposed to Heavenly Realms and learning how much more there is to our existence, that it is not just the reality that we’ve been taught, the reality that we live every day but that there is a heavenly father who wants us to be part of His reality, and for THAT I am truly, truly grateful – to be free of the bondage of satan’s system and world. To be free of the closed mindset of limitations that has been placed on us that is NOT from Father. And for that, there is no money in the world that can buy that, so thank you for everyone involved, thank you to Claudia and Gideon who have been obedient to Father in serving HIS message to us. Thank you very much! 

Anonymous (2019)

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