Free from trauma

Soldiers 4 Christ Ministry has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Pastor Gideon and the staff/ministry team of Soldiers 4 Christ are exceptional in their hospitality, compassion and concern for people, consistently sacrificing for the sake of others and sincerely devoted and committed to assisting individuals, like myself, to gain freedom from personal and emotional challenges. Having been previously unfamiliar with deliverance ministry, I was astounded at the accuracy and effectiveness of Pastor Gideon’s prayer and council under the leadership of Holy Spirit. He was able to accurately identify and address root issues which had caused years and decades of physical pain and emotional challenges in my life.

Since attending my first conference and received prayer by Pastor Gideon, I have experienced immediate healing and freedom from severe and chronic back pain, which I had suffered from for over 15 years. In addition to receiving physical healing, the ministry and prayer I received addressed emotional trauma from childhood, and since attending the weekly meetings and services, I have experienced significant change and healing in my own life, and notable improvement in marriage and family relations.

I have also observed my husband as well as numerous other friends testify to the accuracy and effectiveness of Soldiers 4 Christ ministry in their own lives, and the benefit they have received as well.

I am extremely thankful for Soldiers 4 Christ ministry and will continue to highly recommend Pastor Gideon and the ministry team to those who want to receive healing and freedom, as I have.

AG Meyer (2018)

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