Free from satanic bloodline

I went through a dark few years of my life. It felt like my life was controlled by someone or something I could not explain. Demon attacks, which craft, satanic attacks were part of my life and the biggest problem was I did not have any knowledge to identify these attacks and how to get victory over them. I had near death experiences and died with my daughter’s birth, but Yeshua spared my life. I have prayed for years to God to help me and I was at the end of giving up hope. I then met Pastor Gideon and the Soldiers 4 Christ Ministry team. What a spirit filled experience I had with Soldiers.

I attended the Breaking the Chains seminar Introduction course and what an eye opener I had. I could see all my puzzles shifting into place as Pastor Gideons was giving his testimony of what he had gone through. I could relate to all of that. After the course I was prayed for and a lot of bondages were released off me. The change in my life was phenomenal. No more demon attacks, no more outer body experiences. All which craft left my body and my life and all bloodline curses were broken as I had a satanic bloodline. I am so thankful to God for sending Pastor Gideon and the Soldiers 4 Christ team on my way. The healing and teachings that I received is amazing. God is using them the heal broken lives like mine to be healed completely. All glory to God Yeshua Hammasiah.

Louise (2018)

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