Free from DID/fractures

I was referred to Pastor Gideon at Soldiers for Christ by a trusted friend who ministers in trauma. I come from a long generational line of satanism. My entire family, every family member is involved, though some have died. I was set on serving Yeshua and refused to wilfully bow to satan since a child. Having had multiple DID fractures that were cult active, I struggled to survive and live a normal life, especially as a Christian and suffered severe punishment and persecution for many years.

When I arrived at S4C halfway through 2018, I felt ‘half- dead’, being constantly followed, watched and attacked. Pastor Gideon was most compassionate, having experienced similar persecution and trauma on route ‘out’. That is not something I’ve ever experienced from any other deliverance ministry. So many are victims or previous generational dedications and offerings, and it seems to be wrongfully interpreted as a deliberate choice to have landed up with such a spiritual inheritance. I had experienced tremendous judgment and condemnation for my condition in previous encounters, but certainly this was not the case at S4C.

What struck me about S4C is the intensity of Yeshua. I experienced real power and breakthrough for the first time in 37 years. What was supposed to take “4-5 years” going through an alternative ministry, landed up taking less than 6 months. I’m so grateful to Yeshua for the knowledge and skill appropriated by the team, especially concerning root issues and DID (Fractures/Alters) related complications. While the intensity of the journey was extreme, the freedom and healing that followed is incomparable to the fight. I was never left alone to fight on my own, which is absolutely the Nature of Elohim and those who follow Him – loving commitment.

I learned to put my life in Yeshua’s Hands because HE Alone really has all Power, Dominion and Authority and I experienced that reality at S4C. Through the righteous are afflicted, Elohim delivers them out of every one. Psalm 34:19. My life has been saved because of this ministry. Not only have I survived but I thrive in Yeshua and His undefeated Power!
For this freedom and the ministry of Soldiers 4 Christ, I give God – Elohim all the Glory, Honour, Power and Praise.

Claudia (2018)

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