Free from arthritis

How wonderful I had to stumble on this ministry, God delivered me and healed me from my arthritis He set me free from the chains of physical bondage. I have been spiritually closer to my Lord in the past two months more than ever in my life before. My sister was also delivered and healed from the bondage of depression after 24 years of struggle. I have learnt how to do spiritual warfare, how to pray to get breakthrough.

Soldiers 4 Christ ministry are Gods instruments, honest people that lets God use them for His divine grace and mercy. I have learned to keep my house clean from items that steals my blessings so that God’s presence can fill it, no idols and earthly things. I am not interested in another Ministry. At Soldiers 4 Christ we pray, we warfare, we praise and worship our King and according to the word of God simple and effective. I am in awe.!!!!

Janneke (2018)

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