Free at last

After my daughter was born my husband whom I was married to at the time, started disappearing over week ends and was aggressive towards my daughter. She and I were in extreme abusive situations and things such as rejection, witchcraft and bitterness set in. I started getting afraid, and with the insistence of my mother I divorced my ex as I did not know what he would do to my daughter. During the divorce my health deteriorated, and I had all signs of being under witch craft. I was constantly having the flu, disorientated; I had wild thoughts and couldn’t make decisions as I always hesitated on things. A friend of my father’s then spoke with my him as she noticed in my behaviour that something wasn’t right with me. She said she knew of someone who would be able to help. My dad spoke with me one night and I agreed to see Pastor Gideon.

What he also did not know was that two black staff approached me at my work and told me they can help me with my work situation regarding my ex. They said if I could come with them to the witch doctor, he will give me something to make my ex go away. After visiting the witch doctor, I was told to burn red powder over the stove over 3days and tell my ex to leave me alone and never to contact me again. Strange things started to happen to me I asked the black ladies what is going on. They said if I come back to school, they going to burn me and my daughter. I tried to explain this to my boss, but she couldn’t understand and said when I’m feeling better to return to work. During the week I met with Pastor Gideon who was able to see me. I was not conscious of what was happening. Seven demons manifested, I also had a tracer implanted in my back-left shoulder. For three days my stomach was sore from where the demons stayed. I have been completely healed from mental illness. I no longer take medication and don’t have or hear strange thoughts.

My mom’s faith has completely increased, and our relationship has been restored. My daughter and I can bond which was never possible before. I have been blessed with a new job with a salary that is much better than my previous one. The hours are also shorter. The night of my deliverance once I was freed from my demons, both my ex and his mother called wanting to know If my daughter and I are ok. Pastor Gideon explained that they had been able to see my daughter and I because of the rituals performed. Now that we are delivered, they cannot see us anymore. After the deliverance my daughter and I had to go stay at a place of safety as my ex and his mom had put us up for sacrifice. It was called the ring of fire sacrifice. During the time I was at the place of safety my ex and his mom tried to make contact. One night my ex was at my mom’s place and did markings on the house walls, which we found out he placed a watchman to notify him when my daughter and I return to my mom’s house.

Our house was cleansed and all spirits that were placed outside the house were cancelled. From the day of my deliverance to this very day I cannot explain the amount of joy, peace, love and contentment I have in my heart. I have my days where things get difficult, but Jesus always is there. I just have to be obedient and soon after the blessings always follow. Thank you, Pastor Gideon and Era, for being obedient to the Lords work. Without you guys I would have never had a second chance in life. Love you guys XX In Jerm 40:4 The Lord says that he will free you from your chains that is what Pastor Deon helped with. 2Cor 5: 17 The Lord will make you a new creation, I am definitely a new person and will never be the same again. Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my Rock. After my long journey in the world I have found my Rock…. YESHUA!!

Tracey (2016)

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